Been looking at flux 2 and wondering where to start? what is new about it etc? and how you can provision a cluster in eks and flux 2 with Terraform?

You may be thinking why not just install flux2 via the CLI? …

S3 has many different storage options, so which ones are for you?


  • Provides teams with highly scalable object storage, really easy to use and can retrieve any amount of data from anywhere around the globe. Great place to store your objects i.e pictures, videos or any kind of file…

So you’ve heard about CloudFront? and curious about what it is/does?

Let’s explore this speed machine!

CloudFront is AWS content delivery network (CDN). …

Serverless website, as S3 doesn’t consist of any servers.

This is intended to be an example and good for many use-cases, however this blog doesn’t demonstrate how to attach an actual domain name like It’s a quick introduction into creating an website on S3. …

Before diving in check out:

Quick overview of groups and policies.


IAM allows you to assign permissions to groups and add users to those groups, which will inherit the permissions. …

Image you have an organisation with thousands of employees and an auditor comes round and requests information on all the employees within AWS or you’re a small to medium sized company and you want to know if you are doing IAM well.

Well, it’s pretty quick and really valuable. You…

So, what is a billing alarm!

In a nutshell it’s an alarm you set that alerts you when a bill goes above x amount. But don’t turn it off like an alarm clock!

1. Go to CloudWatch

Quick Snapshot for busy developers on what the different support packages offer on aws.


  • Free
  • Access to the AWS Community Forums


  • $29 or 3% of monthly AWS spend
  • Good for when you want to experiment with AWS
  • One primary contact, can ask technical questions via the Support Center

Been looking at what EC2 instance type to use for your app? if so, continue ;) this is intended as a quick snapshot for busy developers to help narrow down what they need :)

On-Demand (Least commitment)

  • Low cost and really flexible
  • You only pay per hour
  • It cannot be…

Have you been looking at the docs and been thinking where do I start??? Then read on ;)


Be very careful when setting up Datadog, if not done correctly you could occur big unexpected costs! Datadog will charge for usage.

For example if you paid for APM and infrastructure…

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